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GSoC comes to an end :(

GSoC comes to an end, so it is time to write a last post about it.

The project

Let’s summarize what I did. You can also see it on Github:

I explained in my last post about the project that I had already changed completely the public schedule of OSEM. Since then I have mainly focused on the admin schedule, the place where the schedule is created. Now it is also possible to have several schedules in the backend before deciding which of them to use. So there is a list of schedules and a switch in every schedule to set that schedule as the selected one. I’ve also changed the appearance and functionality of the admin schedule. This is how it used to look like:



And this is how it looks like now:


As you can see I have integrated it in the admin interface. I’ve used bootstrap while doing so and I have also changed the way events are loaded and scheduled.

I’ve also introduced a Save button, as previously the schedule was saved instantly when dropping and event in a new cell. After clicking Save the page is reload and it is rendered a message to inform that the schedule was correctly saved or the reasons why it was not correctly saved. Another problem I’ve solved is that it was possible to schedule an event at the same time than other event, so things like that could happen:


I’ve also made the schedule times changeable. Previously the schedule started at 9:00 and ended at 20:00 and it was impossible to schedule an event outside this hours range.

Apart from the admin schedule I also add the feature to allow users to have their own schedule by having favourite events:


Nishanth GSoC project interfered few times with mine. It was something great as he pointed out some bugs in my project and I also helped him with the tags in the schedule:


There are some of the things I mentioned that hadn’t been merged yet as they are still being reviewed.



I found a little bit tiresome understanding the javascript code previously used for the admin schedule and then changing it almost completely several times. But every time I changed that code I liked it more so it was worthwhile.

Displaying the tags in the schedule properly was not as easy as it seemed at the beginning: osem#1082 and osem#1125. Founding a way to make links inside other link work and to do it with ctrl+click was another little challenge as you can see here: osem#1132 and osem#1134.

Overall experience

Working in an Open Source Project has been much better than I expected (and I had very high expectations 😛 ). During the last three months I’ve learnt many things, had really fun and made friends. I would like to thank this amazing summer to all mentors (specially my mentors Christian and Henne) and to the openSUSE community. I also want to thank the TSP program for giving me the chance to attend openSUSE Conference, which was an incredible experience.

I will continue working on Open Source projects and of course I will continue working on OSEM. I also encourage all students reading to apply to GSoC next year and to do it at openSUSE. 🙂

4 thoughts on “GSoC comes to an end :(

  1. Hola!

    Al igual que le he dicho a Joaquín, me alegro del trabajo que has realizado para la comunidad de openSUSE, y también me alegro si durante el proceso te ha servido para aprender!

    Espero que no acabe aquí la colaboración con la comunidad de esta distribución de GNU/Linux.

    Saludos y Have a lot of fun!!

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