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Last part of the conference

Fourth day of the conference

On Saturday I went to the openSUSE Wiki Workshop. We were talking about the problems that the Wiki has and how to solve them. After that, I was going to contribute to the Wiki, but it was broken.   😦

Then, I had pizza for lunch, there were a lot of pizzas:

I didn’t attend any other conference that day, but I stayed at the conference place working on OSEM.

In the evening we went to the Octopus party organised by the Galician centre of Nuremberg, where I ate Paella. It was strange eating Paella in Germany, although it was better than some Paellas I have eaten in Spain.   😉  And again, I was surprised by the amount of Spaniards that are living in Nuremberg. Although it has been really sunny all day, just when we finished eating it started raining cats and dogs.

And at night we went to dance. I was really impressed by Matheus, he dances incredibly well.  😉

Last day of the conference

On Sunday I went to the openSUSE: much more than Linux distributions talk, by Ancor González Sosa. He talked about the open source projects living under the openSUSE umbrella such as OSEM, Portus, Jangouts, Machinery or zypper-docker. He also mentioned openSUSE 101, openSUSE mentoring program, and the openSUSE GSoC projects as they are related with those project under the openSUSE umbrella. Then, it was the openSUSE Targeting the Education Sector talk, by Douglas DeMaio. I really liked the following sentence that Douglas said:

You can’t imagine how hard it is to sell something which is for free

Lastly, it was the openSUSE Project Meeting, where people could share their ideas or propose changes. Regarding the conference, most people liked the place where the conference took place but they would prefer the conference to be shorter (3 days instead of 5)  and to have free water as there were some free drinks but no water. Also, there were complains about the marketing support for openSUSE less known projects. I agree, I want an OSEM‘s opossum sticker! ❤


As on Sunday the conference ended before to allow people to return home there were not more talks that day. We had lunch and I talked with the people that stayed longer. And I also got a Geeko biscuit cutter printed with a 3D printer, I’ll put picture in the blog when I make Geeko biscuits! Here you have a pictures of the biscuits cutter finished and also a video of how it was printed:


In the evening we went give a walk around Nuremberg:

And of course we took the little Geeko that we were given at the conference with us:

We went to a street where there were columns with the humans rights on them. Every columns has a right in German and in other language. It was funny because the Spanish one was a circle in the floor instead of a column haha.

At night we had something delicious for dinner: Currywurst.  ❤  It was the only dish in Germany that I ate completely  haha.


And after that I got my two first books in German, one is a tale, so I hope to be able to read it soon, and the other one is a recipes book. I’ll probably use the recipes one earlier   😉

Lastly, I took the last picture with Matheus as he was leaving on Monday morning and that was the last time I saw him   😦



And that was all about the openSUSE conference 2016. I was really happy to meet my mentors and to put faces to nicknames as I met a lot people who I usually see in Github. I learnt many things, met a lot of people and had really fun. I hope to be able to go to next openSUSE conference and to met everyone there again!  🙂


I stayed two more days for the Hackweek and I’ll write about that in the next post.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Last part of the conference

  1. I’m agree with the lack of marketing… we need to spread about it !!

    seems that was a really intense (and funny) conference!

    ‘ve phun!

    PS: I want a cute opossum sticker too!! 🙂

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