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Third day of the conference

tI am going to start showing you some of the pictures with Geeko that we took during the day  😉

Apart from taking pictures with Geeko, in the morning we had a GSoC meeting with all the students and mentors that were at the conference. In the meeting we talked about the importance of blogging, what students and mentors use to talk or have meetings, how every team review pull requests, why students chose openSUSE for GSoC, etc.

GSoC meeting

After having lunch I attended the How to bring SUSE/Linux to school! talk, by Emiel Brok. He gave 11 tips to bring Linux to school which you can see in his slides:  OpenSUSEconf2016. When the talk finished, I went to the Getting started with Docker workshop, but it had almost finished.

And then it was time to enjoy openSUSE swimming pool and to eat some barbecue:

Yes, it is a very small swimming pool, but it was reeeeally hot that day, so it didn’t matter.   😉

It was also taken the group picture:


Lastly, we went to see/listen SUSE Band:


It was a really fun day! I’ll write one more post about the last two days of the conference.   🙂



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