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Second day of the conference

The second day was for me the one with best talks and workshops. First, I attended the keynote from Frank Karlitschek, founder of Nextcloud. After that, I went to Ancor González Sosa workshop, openSUSE wants you: the software portal. I downloaded the software-o-o project and started seeing how it works. At lunch time I had some strange food.

Then, I attended the Teaching opensource talk, by Craig Gardner. It was mainly focused on how to turn students into contributors, but Craig also talked about the benefits to schools, the fact that most big companies loves open source and why it is important to teach open source. I really recommend you to see the slides he used, specially if you do not agree that teaching open source in schools and universities is that important, as I think the slides will make that you change your opinion.You can find them here: Teaching open source 2016.

After that, it was Henne Vogelsang talk about openSUSE 101, the openSUSE mentoring program which has been used in GSoC. I found the slides and the presentation really fun. I would like you to see it but unfortunately there is no video of the talk. Although you can see the video that he played when talking about the fact that variety is needed in open source. I had seen it before Henne talk but it was still funny:

Lastly, I went to the end of the Ruby on Rails 101 workshop and to the 20.000 Leagues Under SUSE Studio workshop, both of them by Christian Bruckmayer. I liked a lot the slides of the second workshop which you can find here: 20.000 Leagues Under SUSE Studio

Cellar tour

In the evening I went to the cellar tour, which lasted around 75 minutes (the same of the city tour more or less) and where I also learnt a lot of things. It is astonishing that Beer used to be healthier than water in Nuremberg hahaha.

After the cellar tour we went to eat Schnitzel, a huge steak with a strange cover. As you should have already noticed in my previous post all dishes are tooo big in Germany. But not only dishes, drinks and even ketchup packets are too big. The German ketchup packet has 20ml, while in Spain it usually has only 10g. That means that you have to open around 4 ketchup packet in Spain to get the amount of ketchup that you get in Germany in only one packet.   😉



And that is most of what I did the second day of the conference. I have a lot of nice pictures with Geeko of the third day which I will include in the next post.   😉



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