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Going to Nuremberg to attend oSC16

After taking two planes I arrived to Nuremberg on Tuesday 21 to attend openSUSE Conference 2016, which took place from June 22 to June 26.

Travelling to Nuremberg


Pre-conference party

That night it was the pre-conference party, where I had the chance to try openSUSE beer and to meet a lot of people. I met some openSUSE workers from Canarias, such as Moises, entertainment manager Senior Rails Web Developer at SUSE, the GSoC students Joaquín and Rishabh, my mentor Chris and some others that I won’t mention to avoid doing the post too long.


First day of the conference – Wednesday 22

In the morning I helped in the registration desk. After that I attended the last part of the SaltStack is more than just configuration management talk, by Thomas Hatch, and the Introduction to the Linux Block I/O Layer and Hawk 2.0 and Beyond talks, by Johannes Thumshin and Kristoffer Grönlund respectively. I found interesting the Hawk talk. You can see the video of these talks and some other in the openSUSE youtube channel. I also met Matheus, the last GSoC student that was coming to the conference.


After that, I had a pulled pork bbq sandwich for lunch taken from Ribwich Food Truck. Ñaam.

In the afternoon, I attended the The type C connector and USB 3.1 talk, by Oliver Neukum, while being in charge of giving the people who wanted to ask questions the microphone. It is funny because I appear in the last part of video of this talk hahaha.

Lastly, I went to the How to Contribute to an Open Source Project workshop, by Lasse Schuirmann. I found the workshop really useful: I learnt some things about Python data structures and git that I didn’t know, I learnt what Coala is and I made my first contribution to the coala-bears project. What Lasse told us about Coala in the workshop was similar to what he said in his Static Code Analysis for All Languages – coala! talk. I couldn’t go to that talk, but I’ve seen the video and I recommend you to see it. I think that Lasse is a really good speaker and the talk lasts only 15 minutes. You can find it here: Lasse Schuirmann: Static Code Analysis for All Languages – coala!


City tour

On Wednesday 22 evening I also went to the city tour organized for the conference. The tour lasted around 75 minutes and I learnt many things. I had already seen pictures of Nuremberg in Google, but I was really impressed by how beautiful the city is! Here there are some of the picture I took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And my favourite one, which I prefer to include separately:

Group picture after the city tour

After that, we went to have dinner to a Thai restaurant where I ate a delicious duck and to the Nuremberg “beach”.


That’s all from now, I’ll continue writing about the conference in the next post.   🙂



3 thoughts on “Going to Nuremberg to attend oSC16

  1. Después de leer tu post, todavía me siento peor por no haber ido!!! 😦
    Me alegro, es toda una experiencia, que algún día tendré que hacer! Pero es mi nivel de inglés lo que me frena… sé que me perdería muchas cosas por eso…

    Nuremberg es muy bonita, estuve en un “hackathon” que celebró openSUSE hace unos años y nostrataron muy bien, y tuve la oportunidad de visitarla.

    Me alegro que lo pasaras bien!! Ya sabes lo que dice Geeko: Have a lot of fun! 😉

    Cheers! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pues me sorprendió la cantidad de españoles que había tanto viviendo en Nuremberg como en la conferencia, aunque las charlas si son en inglés. Pero bueno es una buena razón para ponerse a estudiar inglés jaja.

      Sí, Nuremberg es precioso 😉


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