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Enhance visitor experience of OSEM

Hi! My name is Ana,  I’m from Madrid, Spain, and you can find me in Github: I’m studying the Double Degree in Maths and Computer Science at Complutense University of Madrid. I’m a restless person who loves learning about almost anything. I’m also mad about technology and programming, so when I saw that there was a program in which I would spend three months coding and while collaborating with open source software, I leapt at the opportunity.

There were a wide range of organizations participating in the GSoC (Google Summer of Code) program and there were some projects that appealed me. Although I wasn’t as familiar with openSUSE as I was with other organizations, there were weighty reasons to choose applying to work with openSUSE at OSEM:

  • The quality of OSEM code.
  • The project is actively maintained with a lot of issues opened.
  • There are a lot of people involved in the development of OSEM.
  • The mentors are really nice, accessible and skilled. In fact, after being part of openSUSE community for few weeks I have to say that everybody is really nice and they are always willing to help me.
  • I love Ruby on Rails.

OSEM is an event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences, such as openSUSE Conference.


My project is titled Enhance visitor experience of OSEM. I’ll focus on improving the schedule of events. I’ll change its appearance to make it look prettier, I’ll integrate it in the page and I’ll make it more functional and mobile friendly. I’ll also introduce new features, such as allowing administrators to iterate between different schedules before deciding which version publish. But not only administrators will benefit from my project, as every user will be able to build his own schedule. Getting feedback from users who have attended a conference is another feature I’ll implement. Lastly, I am going to improve the splash page by adding some events to the program section.

I am really grateful to openSUSE and GSoC program to allow me to work in such amazing project with a lot of extraordinary people. When I applied to GSoC program I thought that It was a good opportunity to learn new things and improve my coding skills. But now I think that it’ll be much more than that. Although GSoC have just started, there are many unexpected things I’ve done already. I’ve installed openSUSE, in fact I am using it just now, and I really love it. Although I’ve lately heard a lot people complimenting openSUSE, it is even better than I had expected. I’ve started using IRC and Trello and I can’t understand why I hadn’t used them before. Also, I will go to openSUSE Conference, which takes place in Nüremberg from June 22 – 26, and I am pretty sure It’ll be an incredibly experience (I’ll write about it in the blog). In short, I feel that I belong to the openSUSE community and I will surely become an openSUSE contributor for life.

Last but not least, I am going to introduce my mentors: Henne Vogelsang, Christian Bruckmayer and Douglas DeMaio. Henne was the first person I talked to when considering applying to GSoC.  He has been a Developer at openSUSE since 1999, a Full Stack Web Developer at SUSE since 2012 and he has mentored students since 2008. Chris started his Free Software career as student of Henne in the GSoC and is now involved in hacking the Rails frontend of the Open Build Service and SUSE Studio. Douglas organizes events for openSUSE and provides feedback on the use of OSEM.

Let’s start coding! 🙂


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